Our Executive Protection Security Group offers sophisticated protective services patterned after the techniques and procedures used by the US Secret Service - but adapted for the private sector.

Global executives and high-profile, high-risk individuals are faced with unprecedented threats requiring a professional-level of security planning, coordination, and management.

Security Dynamics employs a professional team of experts who have protected Presidents, Secretaries of State, foreign royalty, international businessmen, as well as their spouses and children.  We understand that clients require personal protection that is based on credible threats, and that doesn’t unnecessarily impede on the protectee's lifestyle.

We offer a full range of discreet and highly professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility, including threat and vulnerability assessments, residential security audits, and foreign travel assessment and advance security services.

Our team of experts have been featured on CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, The History Channel, NPR, ABC’s, ‘20/20’,  and CBS’s ’60 Minutes’, and are frequent lecturers and instructors to both industry and government, and have testified before Congress and briefed the National Security Council on security issues. 

Our team of experts’ backgrounds include service with CIA, Department of Defense, the White House, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Coast Guard, Justice Department, FBI,  Justice Department, US Marshal’s Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, various police departments – among other agencies, services, and private sector companies. 

Have our experts become your experts.

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