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We provide security consulting services to a global marketplace, extending unparalleled expertise and experience in risk mitigation, crisis management, counterterrorism, and supply chain security to both the private and government sectors.

Our Practice Groups

We offer a diverse selection of specialized security practice groups, yet each client has access to every member of our team.

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Maritime Security Group

Security Dynamics LLC has completed a series of emergency management exercise programs at the Port of Los Angeles.  A table-top exercise in late 2012 was followed by a functional exercise that included the Port of Long Beach, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement and military participants.

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Supply Chain Security Group

Recently completed an important supply chain project for a major seaport. With experience working for governments ranging from the United States to China – and throughout the developing world – our senior team members have worked to ensure the integrity and security of critical transportation and logistics for high-value cargo at risk from terrorism, piracy, hijacking, internal diversion, and armed robbery.


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Diversified Homeland Security Solutions

Our Senior

Advisors are at

the forefront of

developing ‘best

practices’ that

address complex

homeland security problems, both in the US and overseas.                   

Risk Mitigation Consulting Services

The exceptional

experience and

expertise within

our diverse

Practice Groups

makes us uniquely

qualified to meet the most demanding and complex security issues.                                 

World-Class Experts

Security Dynamics

brings to every

client a

community of

experts drawn

from the ranks of

our Senior

Advisors and our network of Subject Matter Experts and Associates.                   

Aviation Security Group

At the request of a Middle Eastern client, members of the Security Dynamics LLC Aviation Security Group performed a series of multi-national threat and vulnerability assessments of executive and corporate jets, including a 727 and a fleet of Gulfstream G4s and G5s, along with dedicated terminal and cargo facilities.  The client deliverables included fully engineered intrusion detection and security systems, access controls, and luggage and passenger screening systems.

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School Security Group

Senior team members of Security Dynamics LLC were asked by King Abdullah II of Jordan to undertake a vulnerability assessment of King’s Academy, an international co-educational school outside of Amman.  Physical and personnel security recommendations were developed using a proprietary risk management program.  Pictured here is Security Dynamics’ President Kim E. Petersen meeting with His Majesty the King of Jordan at the Royal Palace.


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