Security Dynamics LLC offers a range of security consulting services to meet our private sector and government clients’ needs. The exceptional experience and expertise within our diverse Practice Groups makes us uniquely qualified to meet the most demanding international and domestic security requirements.

Within our specialized Practice Groups we can deliver a host of services to your organization, including:

  1. Threat and vulnerability assessments/audits

  2. Risk and consequence analyses

  3. Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) development

  4. Guard force assessments/audits

  5. Physical, personnel, and information security assessment and development

  6. Security systems & CCTV engineering

  7. Security contractor evaluation

  8. Proposal and bid specification development

  9. Personnel background investigations and vetting

  10. Emergency evacuation plans

  11. Visitor and staff access controls – design and engineering

  12. High security facility design and engineering

  13. CPTED Certified (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

  14. Intelligence and law enforcement program assessments

  15. ‘Red Cell’ tactical and strategic security assessments

  16. Training, drills, and exercises

Our team of experts’ backgrounds include service with CIA, Department of Defense, the White House, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Coast Guard, Justice Department, FBI,  Justice Department, US Marshal’s Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, various police departments – among other agencies, services, and private sector companies. 

Have our experts become your experts.

Success Stories - I

Security Dynamics’ team members were selected by the Florida Governor’s Office to perform a comparative assessment of commercial airport security regulations and practices with those found at seaports serving the cruise line industry.

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Success Stories - II

Jack Eckerd, founder of Eckerd Drugstores and the former head of the US GSA, asked Security Dynamics’ team members to perform a threat and vulnerability assessment and lifestyle security audit for he and his family.  The team examined office and residential security, safety and security relating to business aircraft, as well as credible threats directed at the family. A host of recommendations resulted in modifications to security systems, aviation operations, and personal security.

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