Our Security Training Group offers complete training services for both our private sector and government clients.  In addition to basic courses, the Security Training Group also offers Advanced Training Programs to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of security, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals.

The Security Training Group provide today’s security professionals access to expert training resources, allowing students to train on advanced and specialized skills necessary for engaging in high-risk operations.

Our teams can provide an array of expert training programs, covering topics including:

  1. Physical Security:  Training in the design, use, and maintenance of security systems, such as fencing, lighting, access controls, CCTV, and alarms, and much more.

  1. Personnel Security:  Providing training in guard operations, safety and security audits, train-the-trainer programs, managing undercover operations and assets, and much more.

  1. Information Security:  Training in sensitive & proprietary document controls, IT security protocols, background investigations, and much more.

  1. Counterterrorism:  Classroom lecture, reinforced through various training aids and practical exercises ensure students a meaningful learning experience. Courses include: Terrorism, Bombs and Explosives, First Response, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Hazardous Materials, Physical Security, Weapons/Explosives Detection, and Operations Security.

Our training is sector-specific, with trainers drawn from our various Security Practice Groups.  For example, the Maritime Security Group is a pioneer in providing advanced maritime security training programs to some of the largest shipping companies, international seaports, super yachts, and government agencies.  Security Dynamics’ training courses have as their foundations IMO and national or flag state-specific codes and regulations, and are fully ISPS Code and MTSA compliant.   

Unique to the Security Training Group, instruction is tempered with real-world experience from instructors who have senior security management experience in such areas as US and UK intelligence services, NATO naval programs, federal law enforcement, seaport operations, and international shipping.


The Security Training Group’s unparalleled training expertise has resulted in its having been selected to instruct at the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s renowned Seaport Security and Antiterrorism Program.  Senior agents of the FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence, CIA, MARAD, and US Coast Guard attend this program.  Security Dynamics has developed the current program of instruction and provides a senior instructor on seaport vulnerability assessments, international maritime terrorism, piracy, and seaport criminal conspiracies. 

Our team of experts have been featured on CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, The History Channel, NPR, ABC’s, ‘20/20’,  and CBS’s ’60 Minutes’, and are frequent lecturers and instructors to both industry and government, and have testified before Congress and briefed the National Security Council on security issues.

Our team of experts’ backgrounds include service with CIA, Department of Defense, the White House, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Coast Guard, Justice Department, FBI,  Justice Department, US Marshal’s Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, various police departments – among other agencies, services, and private sector companies. 

Have our experts become your experts.

Success Stories - I

In 2012 and 2013, the Security Training Group developed a series of security awareness courses for law enforcement and security professionals, as well as civilian employees and longshoremen at the Port of Los Angeles.

Security Dynamics not only developed the training materials, but it also was selected to deliver the training to various constituencies within the port community.

Success Stories - II

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) asked the Security Training Group to use intelligence agency-type techniques and create a class on informant management. 

The result was the Confidential Informant Acquisition and Management program presently offered by IACP and taught by Security Dynamics team members Bryan Edwards and Kim Petersen.

The use of confidential informants is an essential force multiplier in law enforcement investigations.  This course teached Intelligence Community ‘best practices’ for spotting, recruiting, and effectively managing these often challenging, but essential human resources.

This course is designed for front-line law enforcement officers, investigators, detectives, and managers working to further develop their skills in confidential informant targeting, acquisition, secure handling, vetting and validation, as well as how to maintain control of the source relationship. 

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