Our Maritime Security Group provides ‘best of kind’ expert security services to the shipping and seaport communities.  Our founders created SeaSecure - the largest and best known maritime security company in the world - and are the leading security experts in the maritime field. 

In addition to serving dozens of national governments, seaports, and ocean carriers, our expert team has audited or assessed over 200 foreign ports and ships – leading one country's Transportation Minister to say about our team, they are "the undisputed world leader in maritime security."

Whether it's briefing the White House, the US Senate, or one of our many clients, our Maritime Security Group promises unsurpassed expertise, experience, and value.  Team members have held the highest ranks in the shipping and seaport industries; they have been leaders in the Maritime Security Council; educators at the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the UN’s World Maritime University; and, they have held senior-level positions with military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. 

Within our Maritime Security Group we can deliver a host of services to your organization, including:

  1. Maritime security analyses and risk assessments

  2. Develop port and ship security plans

  3. Train port and ship personnel on ISPS Code and MTSA-mandated subjects

  4. Conduct drills and exercises - table-top, functional, and full-scale - to test capabilities

  5. Engineer complex physical security solutions

  6. Project manage security infrastructure improvements (e.g., CCTV, access controls, lighting solutions, fencing requirements, sonar systems, thermal imaging surveillance)

  7. Perform comprehensive security design and planning for Super Yachts

  8. Provide litigation support and expert witness services.

Our team of experts have been featured on CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, The History Channel, NPR, ABC’s, ‘20/20’,  and CBS’s ’60 Minutes’, and are frequent lecturers and instructors to both industry and government, and have testified before Congress and briefed the National Security Council on security issues. 

Security Dynamics LLC’s Senior Advisors and Subject Matter Experts have backgrounds that include service with CIA, Department of Defense, the White House, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Coast Guard, FBI, Justice Department, Justice Department, US Marshal’s Services, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, various police departments – among other agencies, services, and private sector companies. 

Have our experts become your experts.


A partial list of maritime security and terrorism writings by Security Dynamics team members:

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