Marianne Molchan

Senior Advisor

Commander Marianne Molchan’s maritime security experience above water combined with her operational port security experience below the water is a powerful combination for clients looking for real-world solutions to complex port security and counterterrorism challenges.

Marianne is a legend in the military diving world.  She is one of the world’s leading experts in seaport & ship security and underwater surveillance systems, as well as safety and regulatory compliance training, systems development, and offshore energy security.  However, she is also a pioneer in Navy, EOD, and NOAA diving having been the commander of an EOD Clearance Detachment, a NOAA Dive Officer & Divemaster aboard the NOAA Ship RAINIER, and having served in duty stations around the world.

She served as an Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer with Military Sealift Command Europe during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom facilitating safe passage of hundreds of supply ships from the Atlantic to the Suez canal.

      Marianne Molchan



  1. M.S. Engineering and Science Management, University of Alaska, Anchorage

  2. B.S. Mathematics, (w/ Honors) California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California

  3. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Officer Candidate School, Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy, NY

  4. NOAA Dive Officer and Dive Master, NOAA Dive School Seattle Washington

  5. Basic Dive Officer, Certified in the following diving rigs MK 16, MK 21, MK 20, and Chamber Operator, Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center, Panama City, Florida

Affiliations & Memberships (Past & Present):

  1. Thames Maritime Coalition (2002-Current)

  2. Rhode Island Port Security Forum (2003-2009)

  3. Woman-Owned Business Certified in Connecticut and Rhode Island (2003-Current)

  4. Northeast Veteran-Owned Business Network (2003-Current)

  5. Marine Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN) Board Member and Vice President (2009-Current)

  6. Northeast Regional Association for Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems, Marine Technology Board Member (2011-Current)

  7. Women In Defense (2012-Current)


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  3. Anti-Piracy TTPs Tactics Technology and Politics for Marine Technology Reporter June 2009

  4. What do you get when you Cross the Blue Water and Brown Water Navies?” Sea Technology April 2008

  5. Howler Experiment: Innovation Brings Success to Coordinated Autonomous Vehicle Operators” for H20 Ops Magazine Dec 06/Jan 07

  6. The Role of Micro-ROVs in Maritime Safety and Security” for H2O Ops Magazine, April/May 2006

  7. Contaminated Water Diving Wake-up Call” for H2O Ops Magazine June/July 06

  8. The Role of Micro-ROVs in Maritime Safety and Security” 2005 White Paper for MMS Website

  9. Joint Littoral Mobility, Littoral Combat Ship” for Bath Ironworks LCS team 2004

  10. Ehime Maru Technical Salvage Report” Co-Authored with JMS 2003 for Supervisor of Salvage USN

  11. Augmented Realty: Innovation through Experimentation” The Second Australian-American Joint Conference on the Technology of Mine Countermeasures” Sydney 2001 for MINWARA

  12. Delong Mountain Marine Geophysical Study” May 1999, for NORTEC
    Before You Leave the Dock" 1999, Washington State boating safety brochure for USCG

  13. Loadmax, An Evaluation of a Real-Time Water Level System in the Columbia River” for NOAA

  14. Marine Reporting: The Development of a Northwest Marine Safety Reporting System" , for Safe Marine Transportation Forum of Puget Sound

  15. The Water Planet" Videodiscovery CD-ROM and Laser Disc 1995.
    An Assessment of Single Station Forecasting Methodologies for Naval Special Warfare Applications" USN, Tech Note 60, July 1990

  16. Alaska Bore Tales: A Local Guide to Bore Tide Sightings” for NOAA, 1985

Years of Experience:  30+

Professional Experience:

Marianne has been responsible for the development and execution of projects in Ship, Port, and Offshore Energy Security; Marine Transportation Safety; Offboard Vehicle; and, Underwater Operations. Marianne provides Complex Project Management, Maritime Tactics and Training, cutting edge Technical Writing, and Concept of Operations development.

In the course of her military and civilian careers she performed ship, and port facility security and vulnerability assessments for owner operators servicing tankers, container ship, passenger ferries, military transport vessels, and bulk carriers. She worked with port facilities in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe conducting port facility security assessments and writing ship and port facility plans, technical manuals, operations manuals and facility emergency response plans in support of newly implemented ISPS Code and international regulations.

She has taught Ship Security Officer, Company Security Officer and Port Facility Security Officer courses to several hundred students worldwide. She has chaired and has been a requested speaker for multiple panels on maritime security and ship and port security technologies. MMS supported the Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) (Australia) and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) (United Kingdom) providing leadership, professional advice and technical documentation in a multi-national (US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia) port security trial evaluating over 25 port security technologies and their effectiveness in Sydney Harbor against above and below water threats.

This was the most extensive trial of its kind allowing for port security technology and threat assessment in a fully operational port during the port’s busiest time of year. MMS was tasked to evaluate the technologies, serve on the Tiger Team and write the Quick Look Report as a preliminary appraisal of the performance of the technologies tested in the port. Marianne is both a board member and Vice President of the Marine Oceanographic Technology Network, a professional organization promoting marine technology business communication and development.

She also sits on the board of the Northeast Regional Association for Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems which provides all users with real-time coastal oceanographic information from which to make crucial operational decisions.

Prior to holding the position of President of Molchan Marine Sciences, Marianne was a Senior Analyst for MicroSystems Integration identifying performance measures and capabilities of US Coast Guard assets, and developing and utilizing a Waterways Evaluation Tools for several U.S. East and West coast ports and waterways. Waterways evaluation factors included mobility, safety and protection of the natural resources.

She served as the Manager of the Safe Marine Transportation Forum of Puget Sound, a predecessor to the Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee. In this position she gained international attention forming collaborations and initiating workshops among competing maritime entities of Puget Sound organizing international conferences and forums on marine navigation safety, issues involving fast ferries, ballast water discharge, electronic charts and other marine related topics.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Qualifications:

Marianne was qualified as a Deck Officer, Hydrographer, and Diving Officer on the Hydrographic Ship NOAA SHIP RAINIER, home ported in Seattle Washington, and conducting hydrographic surveys primarily in Alaska and California. Following her ship assignment, she installed, maintained and monitored a series of 60 tide and tsunami gauges located throughout the  Pacific ocean. It was in this assignment Marianne worked directly with the government and civilian entities responsible for access to port infrastructure within which the gauges resided. She was the Ocean Services Program Coordinator and Oceanographer in Honolulu and Anchorage Alaska working for the National Ocean Service and National Weather Service respectively educating the public on relevant oceanographic/weather events and providing NOAA products and services to public, private, state, federal and local government representatives.

U.S. Military Qualifications:

Marianne is a retired Navy Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve with 25 years of combined service (NOAA/USN) in Ship and Port Security, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Military Sealift Command, Salvage, and Operations Research Analysis experience in both the above and below water environments. She holds qualifications in the following areas:

  1. Basic Dive Officer, Dive Supervisor

  2. Officer in Charge (OIC) Area Search Det

  3. OIC, EOD Ordnance Clearance Det

  4. MK 20, MK 21 Surface Supply Diver

  5. MK 16 Mixed Gas Diver Demolition Quals     

  6. Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer Level II

  7. Port Services Officer

  8. Operations Control Center Briefing Officer

  9. Commanding Officer, Military Sealift Command

  10. Shipping Operations Officer

  11. Operations Analyst

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