The Hotel & Hospitality Security Group offers complete services for managing risks associated with crime and terrorism for both domestic and international clients.  Team members have recently performed terrorism vulnerability assessments for resorts and hotels in the Middle East.

Our team includes experts in hospitality security who have extensive knowledge in:

  1. Hotel and resort threat and vulnerability assessments/audits

  2. Risk and consequence analyses using our proprietary Hospitality Risk Assessment Methodologies (H/RAM)

  3. Emergency Operations Plans (EOP)

  4. Guard force assessments/audits

  5. Physical, personnel, and information security programs assessment and development

  6. Security policies & procedures evaluation, testing, and creation

  7. Security and fire systems & CCTV engineering

  8. Guest and employee access controls – design and engineering

  9. ADA accessibility studies

  10. Emergency evacuation plans

  11. Training, drills, and exercises

Our team of experts have been featured on CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, The History Channel, NPR, ABC’s, ‘20/20’,  and CBS’s ’60 Minutes’, and are frequent lecturers and instructors to both industry and government, and have testified before Congress and briefed the National Security Council on security issues. 

Our team of experts’ backgrounds include service with CIA, Department of Defense, the White House, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, US Coast Guard, Justice Department, FBI,  Justice Department, US Marshal’s Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, various police departments – among other agencies, services, and private sector companies.

Have our experts become your experts.

Success Stories

A client in Northern Africa engaged Security Dynamics to perform an audit of security measures at hotels being used by American tourists.

The assessment looked at perimeter security, parking, access controls, vehicle barriers, information security, CCTV systems, training, intelligence exchanges with local law enforcement, and liaison programs with government agencies.

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